Jurassic Park DVD Re-Re-Re-Release

If by some fluke of nature you do not yet own a copy of Jurassic Park or either of its sequels, fear not. Universal Pictures is issuing another release of the iconic Spielberg dinosaur trilogy, as part of its 100th Anniversary series.  The cover art for each of the titles in fantastic. I mean, look at these! 

Each title is available separately rather than a pricey trilogy box set, and each also includes a Digital Copy of the movie.  Affordably priced at $14.98 ($12.99 preorder price on Amazon right now), these are set with a release date of Aug. 28.

No word yet on when/if there will be a Blu-Ray release of the individual movies with the Universal 100th Anniversary treatment; right now the Jurassic Park movies are only available on Blu-Ray (in the U.S.) together as part of the Ultimate Trilogy collection.

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